iLITE® COOK & BAKE, 10kgs


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iLiteTM Cook & Bake is your low glycaemic response, “1-to-1 sugar replacement”  blend made from grain-derived ingredients. Stevia, which is extracted from the leaf of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant gives iLiteTM Cook & Bake its natural sweetness. We listened to the needs of the household consumer and meticulously crafted iLiteTM Cook & Bake to satisfy sugar free cooking and baking that is easy to use and replaces the use of artificial sweeteners. Now, your favourite home cooked dishes, and creations such as desserts, ice cream, muffins and cakes can be made wholesome and great tasting.

A selection of natural ingredients were carefully sourced to create this 1-to-1 sugar replacement blend. iLite® Cook & Bake

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