Have you ever been told to store truffles in rice? While that is a great way to infuse rice with a delicious truffle aroma, it’s something that should only be done for a short period of time.

As we all know from experience with a wet iphone or laptop (oops!)- storing in rice is a great solution to absorb the excess moisture.

So, when it comes to storing truffles in rice, the rice actually dehydrates the truffles at an alarming rate, making your fresh healthy truffles dry and brittle.

We recommend storing in rice when your truffles are slightly older and start to ‘sweat’- showing signs of wet, softer spots. That’s when you want to draw out that moisture and store it in rice.

Alternatively, you can store in rice for a few hours prior to cooking for risotto. But do not leave fresh healthy truffles in it for an extended period of time. *We would recommend doing this storing technique when your truffle is a few days old and can simultaneously benefit from the absorbent rice.