There are many great ways to showcase truffles in a dish. The two most popular ways are shaving or grating.

Shaving truffles onto a dish offers a classic aesthetic appeal, while grating fresh truffles onto a dish offers a more aromatic and flavorful approach. 

Shaving truffles on a dish allows for the truffles’ beauty to shine through.The shape and marbling of a truffle is certainly something to be marveled. The shavings should always be on the thinner side to allow for the best mouthfeel. However with shaving truffles, you are limited with the amount of bites of fresh truffles in the dish. 

Grating truffles, although some might not deem it as beautiful, allows for each bite to have truffle. The flavor and aroma is typically more intense because it permeates throughout the dish. Also, you’ll see in the images below that grating truffles also makes the dish look like there’s a lot more truffle on it.