Burgundy truffles are gems of the autumn season. As the seasons shift from summer to fall, Burgundy truffles begin ripening along the roots of their host trees. These prized truffles tend to prefer growing along the roots of oak, poplar, chestnut, and hazelnut trees.

Known scientifically as tuber uncinatum, Burgundy truffles are named for the Burgundy region in France where they are believe to have first been discovered. Today, Burgundy truffles can be found growing throughout France, Italy and Croatia. Burgundy truffles are harvested in these countries during the months of September to November.

Burgundy truffles can typically be identified by their appearance. They often have a relatively round shape with dark black exteriors and a light to medium brown shade of color in their flesh. 

These truffles also differ in their aromas and flavors. Burgundy truffles are usually more intense than their black summer truffle cousins. Their aromas are mild and earthy with roasted hazelnut notes.

Similar to black summer truffles and black winter truffles, burgundy truffles are known to be a good source of vitamin C. They are also good sources of phosphorus and calcium. Another added benefit is that these truffles are known to contain numerous antioxidants which can be beneficial to your health. 

When it comes to cooking with Burgundy truffles, these precious morsels are best served raw or very lightly cooked. Shaving the truffles into thin slices or grating will maximize the flavor and aroma the truffle releases onto the final dish. Like other high-quality truffle species, Burgundy truffles are excellent when used in pasta, rice, or potato dishes. They also work well in cream, butter, cheese or oil-based sauces where the starches and fats can help absorb and maximize the flavor and aroma of the truffles.

Cleaning and storing Burgundy truffles is a fairly straightforward process. It is best to brush or lightly wipe the surface with a clean brush or towel. When you purchase Burgundy truffles from Sabatino, we will have already taken care of this step for you, so your truffles should arrive with minimal additional cleaning necessary. Burgundy truffles should remain fresh and ready to use for 2-3 days after arrival. Upon arrival, it is best to unpack the truffles from the vacuum-sealed pouch, wrap in clean, dry paper towels and place in a sealed container in the coldest part of your fridge to maintain optimal freshness. The paper towels should be replaced once daily to keep the truffles as dry as possible to minimize the chance of rot.