There is a difference between fresh truffles and truffle products. Fresh truffles are very light with a fleeting flavor, and that’s why we typically recommend to shave it or grate it as a finish, right before serving. To learn more about pairing with fresh truffles, click here.

Truffle products are much stronger because we’re able to concentrate the flavor into a product (e.g. truffle oil, truffle powder, truffle spreads), and therefore one is able to get a little more playful with them.

You can have more creative liberties when using truffle products than fresh truffles. For instance, we do not recommend pairing fresh truffles with spicy or highly acidic foods because it will take away the flavor. However, truffle products are strong and can withstand spiciness and seasonings.

So, preserved truffle products pair well with pretty much everything! Spicy truffle wings, ramen, potato chips… any place you want some truffle, we have a product for you and that’s why we also offer a range of powders, oils, and spreads so you truly can incorporate truffles in any dish.