Bottega Bio Ginger Liqueur 500mL



Bottega Bio Ginger Liqueur 500ml

Bottega Ginger, an organic liqueur, that it claims is packed with “nutrient-rich ingredients” for a healthy lifestyle. The key here is how it is made. It uses organic ginger, sourced from Vietnam and China, which is left to macerate in organic alcohol, water and organic sugar from India, at a controlled temperature of 5°C for 12 hours. Bottega claims this ‘crio-maceration’ process is similar to the one used to make intense and elegant wines.

The pale yellow liqueur is then decanted and filtered, to leave a refreshing drink with citrus and oral notes and an intense aroma of ginger and sweetness on the palate. It is meant to be served at the end of a meal, either on its own or served with a dessert.

Alc: 20%

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