Sabatino Truffle Seasoning Collection

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Truffles Seasoning Collection

It’s that time of year again, where Oprah announces her favorite things! A few more of our truffle products have made the list! The Truffle Seasoning Collection: Truffle Parsley Salt, Truffle Rosemary Salt, and Truffle Zest®. This collection is the perfect set for truffle lovers. The gift box includes 3 different options to enjoy truffles: The Truffle Parsley Sea Salt, the Truffle Rosemary Sea Salt and our Best Seller the Truffle Zest®.

About the product

  • Ideal for Truffle Lovers!
  • This gift box includes Truffle Parsley Sea Salt, Truffle Rosemary Sea Salt and award-winning Truffle Zest®.
  • Easy to sprinkle onto everything like eggs, pasta, proteins, grains, dressings, fries, and popcorn.
  • Use these seasonings in place of salt.
  • Elevate every dish with a magical touch of truffle -Vegan, Gluten free, non-GMO ingredients, no MSG added, Kosher

Product description 

This Truffle Seasoning Collection is the perfect set for truffle lovers! The gift box includes 3 different seasonings to enjoy truffles: Truffle Parsley Sea Salt, Truffle Rosemary Sea Salt and award-winning  Truffle Zest®. These products are used by the most renowned chefs around the world, and Sabatino Tartufi offers you the opportunity to use them in your own kitchen! These products are very easy to use and the result is outstanding! A sprinkle of truffle seasoning on your mac and cheese or popcorn will transport you to Italy. 
You will discover the many nuances of texture and natural flavor that these seasonings bring to your favorite dishes

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