Serves 2


2 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 garlic cloves, rough chop
½ head cauliflower, rough chop
1 pint heavy cream
1 tablespoon Sabatino Tartufi White Truffle Oil
1 teaspoon salt
6 jumbo sea scallops
2 tablespoons olive oil
½ teaspoon Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Rosemary Salt 
Rosemary sprigs, to garnish


1. In a medium saucepan add the butter, garlic, and rough chopped cauliflower; sauté for 8 minutes on low heat. Pour in the heavy cream, and simmer for an additional 5 minutes. Transfer the cauliflower mixture to a blender, add the Sabatino Tartufi White Truffle Oil, and salt. Blend until completely smooth. Set aside.

2. Remove the small muscle from the side of the scallop, rinse the scallops, and pat dry. Set aside.

3. Set a large pan over high heat, and heat the oil. Season the scallops with Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Rosemary Salt, on both sides.

4. Add the scallops to the pan, making sure that they are spaced out from one another.

5. Sear scallops for 1 ½ minutes on each side. The scallops should form a nice golden crust on both sides, but slightly translucent in the center.

6. Using a large spoon, spread ¼ cup of the cauliflower puree onto the bottom of the plate. Set 3 scallops on top of the puree. Garnish with fresh rosemary.

Bonus: shave fresh truffles on top to further enhance this dish. We shaved 3 grams, but you can certainly add more!